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You asked for it, and now it’s here! Cross-references in ShareLaTeX will now auto-complete as you type, saving you valuable time in correcting typos.

Labels Autocomplete Demo

Your project is constantly checked for \labels, so you can always reference the right figure, section or table when you need it.

This is the first part of some work we’re doing to significantly improve our auto-complete, so please fill in our quick survey to let us know what you’d like us to improve.

Posted by Shane on 15 Jun 2017

One of the oldest parts of ShareLaTeX has been our trusty Lion who greets you each time you open the editor. After years of loyal service it was time to give him a facelift, and after a lot of iterations we are really pleased with the final result.

New ShareLaTeX Logo

You will see him popping up all over the site, and we hope you like him as much as we do!

We are also very grateful to Francisca the designer behind behind our new logo.

Posted by Paulo on 30 Mar 2017

A few weeks ago we hinted at some amazing new features we were working on. Today we’re pleased to announce our most exciting feature since ShareLaTeX first launched: real-time track changes and comments! Find out more here, or read on.

We remember the old days where you had to choose between using Track Changes in Word, or typesetting with LaTeX, but now you can do both.

Track changes and comments

Track Changes

You can now keep track of every change made to the document, along with the person making the change. ShareLaTeX is the only LaTeX editor with real-time tracked changes. Hopefully now there’s nothing holding you back from being able to collaborate using LaTeX!

You can now easily find what your co-authors or reviewers have changed and see how it impacts the document. Accept or reject individual changes quickly with the click of a button, and move onto the next change needing your attention, all inside the editor.

Discuss and leave notes

With real-time commenting, you can now discuss your work without having to switch to email, printed versions or any other tool. You can leave comments, give quick feedback and resolve issues, all on ShareLaTeX.

With the new comments feature, you can keep an up-to-date list of all of the things you need to work through, without having to sift through out-of-date notes or dig out old emails.

Posted by Henry on 09 Mar 2017